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NEW! Our film on the philosophy of Firewalking by Bence L. Tarr has just been released!
The most vsisted creative documentary at the annual 43rd Hungarian Film Festival, and one of the best 3 documentaries awarded by the Society of Hungarian Cameramen (Magyar Operatőrök Társasága - HSC), at the "Aranyszem" Golden Eye Festival!

HSC - Golden Eye:
Best 3 Documentary Film

43. Annual Hungarian Film Festival:
The most visited Documentary

The film is available in all major book-stores and distributors in Hungary.

It is available at a 20% discount also through our website. Please send your orders to: info@tuzonjaras.com

Film in Hungarian, with ENGLISH and HUNGARIAN subtitles!

For further information on the film, please click here (or on the photo above)


XpatLoop online magazin

AISB Bonfire Night

"Fight Fire with Feet..." - Get Lost Magazine (Australia)

"I come from Fire..." - Nők Lapja Magazin

On the Threshold of Human Potential - Nők Lapja

"On Firewalking..." - Blikk Magazin


Live interview with Bence L. Tarr in RTL Klub (a popular TV coverage)
on the limits and possible potentials of human performance (13:17)

The original coverage and riport with Bence L. Tarr in Focus, RTL Klub (10:02)


Bence L. Tarr has written and published more than 100 articles in various Lifestyle magazines.

A Tudatalatti Nyelve
A Fölnőttek bolygója
A Holdistennő 3 Arca
A Különbözőség Kincse

False exits:
On Workaholism

Roles and games:
On Adulthood

Back on your feet:
On Crisis and Catharsis

Known at all cost

A collection of articles by Bence L. Tarr is available in Hungarian by clicking here.


Books by Bence L. Tarr (in Hungarian) published by Tarandus publishing house: The Fountain of Eternal Life (Az Örök Élet Forrása) a collection of essays, Eternal Battle ( Mindenek Ostroma) a book of selected poems:

Mindenek Ostroma_______Az örök élet forrása

2011. Inspirational speech at presenting the books to the public at the Trandus Gala (05:10)

As a co-author Bence L. Tarr has written articles and studies in various publications on culture and human behaviour:

Világokon Át_ _Az Idő Közel__Kultúrák Találkozása __A kultúra kódjai


Portrays and films about Bence László Tarr's teaching and philosophy:

Belülről Izzó Tűz _ Hétköznapi Mintáink _ mai Módi Világokon Át

The Fire Within - Belülröl Izzó Tűz (2012.); Patterns to Live by - Hétköznapi Mintáink (2005.); The Vogue Today - Mai Módi (2006.); Beyond Worlds - Világokon Át (2006-2008.).

The Fire Within 75 minute documentary on the philosophy of Firewalking is available with English subtitles.
Films can be ordered by writing to info@tuzonjaras.com.


Ikerség és telepátia
2011. Bence L Tarr with his identical twin Daniel Tarr
on telepathy and ESP experiments, RTL Klub (10:42)


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