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What is Firewalking?

Firewalking is a complex self-development program that leads to the feat of walking over a bed of hot coals with bare foot that is between 600-800°C (1100-1400°F). As most people think this as impossible without being burned, this act clearly and straightforwardly demonstrates that it is possible to shift mental paradigms, and review our understanding of what is possible and impossible. The gradual program guides people towards questioning their self-limiting belief systems and rock-solid foundations that may bound people’s potential.  With our program we help people discover and unleash their power within, by focusing on being 100% real in the given situation, and thus experience what it means to do “impossible”.

The purpose of NAPKAPU firewalks are not just to have an extreme experience, but rather to become inspired by your own self-discovery. “What we teach is to be 100 % you in EVERY situation, to be fully present no matter what life is sending your way. In this you will find your gift - not as a knowledge or as a talent - but the gift that naturally unfolds once you accept yourself fully.”

We created a complex training program that is both professional and personal with a sense of family and joy. We work with tools that evoke strong emotions, and bring fundamental insights, that have a long-lasting effect opening new horizons of self-discovery. We help people shift paradigms, overcome old dysfunctional behaviours, and learn to discover a more fulfilling and harmonic life far beyond the scope of work, or any working environment.

Going through this process of self-discovery in a group, also has a very strong bonding effect, helping people feel safe and belonging, as a collective conviction is there to support every individual in their attempt to walk across the fire.

The actual firewalk is preceded by 2 very important preparatory stages that also help build strong ties with the group and other participants:

In the first preparatory stage, we work on dismissing self-limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thought patterns, where every individual has a chance to face and question their view of themselves and the view of their world. Working on these mental paradigms in small groups gives room for self-discovery to everyone on a safe and supportive setting.

In the second preparatory stage the group collects strength and conviction through a moving meditation that helps clear and focus aims and purposes just before the actual firewalk. The meditation that is carried out in a collective, with 20-30-50 people moving as one in a rhythmic and forceful way, supports determination and strengthens the collective conviction that enables all participants to walk the fire safely.

What is the aim of Firewalking?

The true purpose of NAPKAPU firewalks are not just to have an extreme experience, but rather to become inspired by your own self-discovery. It helps people become aware of their true potential that only awaits to be discovered. It is about the discovery of who we really are, where our boundaries lie at the given moment in time, and how our decisions draw the path of our lives. Firewalking teaches people how to make true decisions, without the possibility of cheating oneself. It allows people to face their own self-limitations, the strength of their determination and will-power, and holds a true and clear mirror to them, to see how much real they are.

In our understanding, the purpose of any firewalk is not to walk on burning coals, that is merely a metaphor for doing something greater than we feel we are capable of doing, on an ordinary level. The act of firewalking is only a tool that helps to strengthen our goals and ambitions, that helps unleash our inner powers. When we make the decision that we are not ready to walk, either because we lack aim or purpose, ambition or strength, or whatever it would take for us to walk, we still make a justified and true decision that is a 100% real. As such not walking the fire as a true choice is equally rewarding.

When walking on a bed of hot coals, the danger of being injured is only eliminated when whoever walks on the coals has the deepest conviction that it is the purpose that matters, and this individual stays focused on this purpose. Fire is the teacher who evaluates whether this aim or purpose is strong enough for the person to walk on fire.

What kind of effect does Firewalking have on the participants?

Naturally it is not compulsory for any participant to walk on the bed of coals. Facing the possibility and this very real mental challenge is enough to bring about a real paradigm shift in any thinking for every participant. Building the pyre together, wrestling and dancing with the fire is enough to become connected with this element, and facing own fears and limitations, to collect inner strength and determination is also enough to let anyone leave feeling satisfied and elevated.

N.B. By the end of the day, the majority of participants (approx. 80-90%) will want to and is capable of walking the fire a 100% safe.


Is there a risk?

Fire and burning coals are naturally hot and can burn. The ambers are between 600-800°C (1100-1400°F) when people start walking over them. Anyone who is not prepared well, may get burned. This can happen to a minority of 1-2% of participants, when not paying attention. Even in such cases no one gets injured seriously, or suffers any long-lasting defect. Every individual who chooses to participate in such program carries the risk  themselves, and must make an individual choice about walking or not walking. 98% of all firewalkers will not feel any heat-effect, and will not receive a single mark on the soles, and will cross over the 3-6-9 meter stretch completely unharmed, meanwhile exhilarated and uplifted with joy.

Who do we recommend Firewalking for?

For individuals, because:

Firewalking helps individuals discover their hidden powers and magnificence. It raises self-awareness and develops decision-making powers that is the foundation for taking the right choices in life, and acting in accordance with our true selves. As such it helps people quit bad habits and self-destructive behaviour patterns.

For organizations, because:

Firewalking is a very intensive team-building event, that is the most powerful organizational development tool for introducing new strategies, corporate goals, or empowering and revitalizing teams that need a boost in their performance.

The experiences gained at the corporate firewalk will have a strong and lasting effect on individual and corporate performance, especially with organizations that need a new thrust that can drive them towards new ambitions. Corporate firewalks set organizations into motion, and as an incentive event raises people’s level of motivation.

We strongly recommend corporate firewalking programs to teams of engineers and technical expert teams with a strong scientific view of the world. Especially teams that have a strong skeptical or even cynical approach to anything outside their profession, who are stuck in scientific paradigms of natural laws and explanations.

Participants said...

Firewalking is an ideal development program for:

  • new teams, teams that have been reorganised, teams that are looking for renewal
  • teams that received a new leader or manager,
  • teams who receive difficult or challenging tasks that seem impossible,
  • teams that have burned out, or seem indifferent toward each other,
  • teams looking for new goals and challenges.

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