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Firewalking Instructor Trainers

2018. Certification course

25-28th of AUGUST 2018. – HUNGARY
4 days from Thursday to Sunday

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THE F.I.T.TMin Hungary 25th-28th August 2017.
Offered by Master of Firewalking Instructor Training Bence L. Tarr


What is the FITTM?

The FITTM (Firewalking Instructor Training) is the registered trademark of firewalking professionals worldwide. The term comes from Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan who are the founders of the modern firewalking movement in the western hemisphere. Tolly run the first FITTM in 1984, accredited by his institute the American Firewalking Institute for Research and Education (F.I.R.E.). It was Tolly Burkan who taught the crafstmanship of firewalking to Anthony Robbins who now became the role model for human potential speakers all over the world.

The FITTM methodology is the most thorough training specialization developed for practicing trainers, self-help professionals, and motivational experts who wish to use firewalking as a development tool in their work. It requires serious technical, psychological and training skills from the entitled instructors. One of the most established trainers of the FITTM are Rolf and Åsa Beckman, disciples of Tolly who taught the craftsmanship of firewalking that carry the knowledge of ancient rituals as well as today’s modern motivational methods. Through Eight Directions, their organization that certifies students in firewalking, they certified Masters of FITTM in 2012 with John Maisel Hawk, a renowned master of FITTM who also certified Charles Horton in firewalking. In 2008 Tolly Burkan retired from certifying firewalking instructors, and later both him and Eight Directions quit their relations to F.I.R.E., since having a different approach to the knowledge of firewalking than the current management. NAPKAPU follows the lineage of Tolly Burkan and the teachings of Rolf and Åsa Beckman passed on through Eight Directions, teaching firewalking to live the dream that encourages humans to walk their talk with the intention to fulfill the magic to be alive in all directions.

Tolly Burkan the father of the modern firewalking movement with Åsa és Rolf Beckman, just after the Masters of FITTM certification in 2012.

Åsa and Rolf Beckman, Bence László Tarr, and John Maisel Hawk
at the Masters of FITTM certification at Turrialba Vulcano in Costa Rica (2012).

The FITTM is an internationally recognized guarantee, which ensures the highest quality of training and professionalism you receive at your firewalks. As certified FITTM instructors we guarantee your SAFETY in contemporary scientific research and the light and experience of almost 30 years of firewalking. As Tolly Burkan retired from training FITs in 2008, and the first generation of FITTM masters also decided to withdraw from certifying FITs, John Maisel Hawk and Rolf and Åsa Beckman were asked to pass on the legacy to the new generation of firewalking instructors. Nine new Masters of Firewalking Instructor Training were certified at the Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica in 2012, where the presence of Fire is apparent.


Tűzönjárás - Firewalking


3rd-05th of OCTOBER 2018.


If you are a Firewalk Instructor that is out there to sell your Firewalking service, this Gathering is for you. The 2nd Firewalk Gathering will be held in Hungary, close to the capital city Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and easy to get to and around in as well.

With 30 years of substantial international experience and expertise, the line up of speaker that we have is outstanding! Each of them could easily keep us spellbound for a whole day! And we have a huge support from important sponsors. 

  • For the very first time an exchange of knowledge between all major Firewalking Schools
  • A unique opportunity to strengthen and deepen your network for new business possibilities
  • Adding a new layer of professionalism to the Firewalking Industry
  • Have fun and celebrate the joy of Firewalking with three evenings of truly inspiring and outstanding Firewalks, the first being conducted by Firewalking Master Bence L. Tarr from NAPKAPU.

The Firewalk Gathering is not only about sharing knowledge. It is also about creating the future for the Firewalking Service.

Now we need delegates! The 1st, 10th, and 100th registration will receive a special gift!

Further information and booking at: www.firewalkgathering.com

The prominent peakers of the 2nd Firewalk Gathering:

Tűzönjárás - Firewalking

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Our teams of internationaly certified FITTM instructors (2015.)

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Photo Gallery of the Masters of FITTM in 2012.
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FIT MASTERS Certificate

Bence L. Tarr is one of the nine youngest masters of firewalking instructor training who was certified at the Turrialba Vulcano. Just like Rolf and Åsa Beckman, he uses firewalking in slightly different ways to Tolly Burkan and Tony Robbins, following his own heart and medicine. Beyond just using firewalking as a metaphor for overcoming FEAR (spells as False Evidence Appearing Real), he shares the knowledge and understanding that firewalking can transform a person through changing body chemistry and a deep learning. By allowing you to walk unharmed over the glowing coals you transform a fearful situation into an opportunity to grow, where you can examine your behavior and turn it into something better by a conscious will to act with power.

Among the international collective of young masters from all over the world, there are Chinese, Tamil, Portuguese, French, German, Czech and Hungarian among American, Swedish and Dutch participants. The collective named later as United Fires aims at delivering firewalks at the highest possible quality and content to the world. They are also the ones to certify new Firewalking Instructor Trainers internationally in accordance to agreed FITTM quality standards.

Becoming a FIT TM certified firewalking instructor provides you all the tools necessary to feel confident in making firewalks anywhere and anyhow, after the course. We give you a full understanding of firewalking, which then you can handle in your own way - no strings attached, no more training needed. The FITTM guarantee is enough for you to conduct trainings with alternative development tools such as breaking arrows with your throat, rebar bending with throat, breaking bricks with bare hand, firejumping, dancing on fire, and all kinds of firewalking of course!

"FITTM TEAM" (2011.)

FIT Team 2011
Photo Gallery of the FITTM in April 2011. with Rolf and Åsa Beckman
(click on the photo)

2018. Certification course

25-28th of AUGUST 2018. – HUNGARY
4 days from Thursday to Sunday

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THE F.I.T.TM in Hungary 25th-28th August 2018.
Offered by Master of Firewalking Instructor Training Bence L. Tarr

Becoming a Certified Firewalking Instructor Trainer… means getting a new career and a better life. In a truly transformative four-day intensive training, you will get the capacity to manifest goals and serve humanity’s unlimited potential to create the intended life experience. Join a very special elite as a certified Firewalking Instructor Trainer and choose a path of transformation, empowerment, truth, responsibility, success and healing. Participants report major breakthroughs in all areas of their life after doing the FITTM.


The FITTM is a guarantee not just for quality for all our participants, that we only deliver practices we have tried out on ourselves, and we put into practice regarding safety and doability. We prepare our participants for our firewalks with the greatest love and care, in the light of experience of a multitude of successful firewalks in various settings and context.

The final qualification of the FITTM is not a mere certificate, but the living test of walking the “40 foot” firewalk, a 12 meter long stretch of hot coals. This feat demonstrates the understanding and personal power of every FITTM certified instructor, that the instructor is capable of crossing the boundaries of false beliefs and limitations, and is capable of going outside the box to regain our true capabilities once reaching true commitment to our true selves.

Tűzönjárás - Firewalking

Naturally by doing the FITTM you learn all technical aspects of creating successful and safe firewalking events, ranging from specifications on building durable and safe pyres in all weather conditions, with respect to fire safety procedures and regulations, both at night and in daylight. With the FITTM guarantee, you receive the safest possible firewalks ever, for every possible condition. We have a proven track record of firewalks in every season in all weather conditions from snow and drizzle in -10°C to tropical rainclouds in +30°C.

9 FIT Masters 2012

With our love for mother Nature, we also conduct our firewalks with the greatest care for our environment, so our firewalks leave the smallest possible impact on the surroundings. Using a multiple types of pyres and fires, we always build the best possible type in accordance with the weather conditions, local settings, and the types of wood available. We have successfully conducted 100% safe firewalks surrounded by buildings, in car parks, beaches and tennis courts. In practice, we can deliver safe firewalks anytime anywhere.

NAPKAPU takes full responsibility for the success and safety of its events! In the last 5 years, more than 2000 people have crossed the fire safely with us. We thank all our partners for their trust and reference!

Join us on this road of self discovery
with the guarantee of the International FITTM community!

Firewalking Instructors Gergő Illés, Åsa and Rolf Beckman, Bence László Tarr

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